I’m writing this using a beta version of the WordPress iOS mobile app that integrates Gutenberg. It is fairly stripped down as far as blpacks go.

While this site has blocks from multiple plugins (including Gutenberg so I can try the latest features), the app has much fewer options.

Blocks available from the mobile app

I was definitely surprised to not see all the core blocks, especially not to see my reusable blocks that I have saved to the site.

Another thing that surprised me as a power user is that slash commands for new blocks don’t work.

I also can’t figure out how to access the block inspector to save options on differnet blocks.

Opening up posts with blocks in them other than this initial set shows those blocks as “unavailable”. This includes all the embed blocks.

Unsupported is the new black

The responsiveness of the editor is amazing, and the ability to move blocks up and down makes editing inside the mobile app much easier.

Overall, as a version 1, I like it. I also think that it has long way to go before I will abandon opening a mobile browser for the majority of my on the go blogging.