Here are a couple of things I read this week that I would recommend. Finding time to read interesting things isn’t always easy, but thankfully I found the time to read these three articles this week.

I Dropped Acid and Saw Into the Future: My Surreal First Time At CES

CES is strange enough not on drugs. It’s part circus, part science museum for adults. But its purpose isn’t to entertain or educate; just to sell. It’s an ad. A massive pop-up ad that fills half a dozen convention centers, an ad that can swallow an entire village.

Erin Gloria Ryan provides an interesting and Hunter Thompson like essay about the surrealism that is CES and her experience of seeing it while on acid.

To Trolls, With Love

I did a couple of things that agitated the internet’s underbelly over the past month. My op-ed “Donald Dudley is Gaslighting America,” subsequent appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, and Twitter’s banning of Martin Shkreli for his own round of high-profile trolling in response to the segment have each been their own niche target. Those are all relatively political, or at least related to the political, but that doesn’t necessarily matter. A friend of mine received her own set of vitriol in response to a popular video of her singing the alto part of “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Harassment doesn’t have too many requirements beyond “being a woman online.”

Lauren Duca explores the harassment that she experiences as a vocal and opinionated woman journalist.

Emery’s Failures: 2012 Final Grades

I am evaluating judgment shown by the GM in selecting these players instead of the players themselves, and each pick will be judged in three categories: the value of the position picked where it was made for the team in question, how well the GM did at finding what should have been a good player at that position, and how the player actually performed.

Too often we jump to examine the effectiveness of decisions. This article examines a football draft after the players have had four years to show themselves.