Today I released an update to grunt-patch-wordpress which adds 2 cool features.

  1. GitHub URL support. You can now use grunt patch: with any copy of WordPress on GitHub. No longer will you need to download the patch manually. Works for both core and develop mirrors on GitHub. This feature was suggested by Helen 侯-Sandí
  2. Upload patches directly from the command line. No longer will you need to create a patch and manually upload it to trac. grunt upload_patch:20000 will upload a patch to the appropriate ticket after a user enters a username and password. This is limited to users with the appropriate XML-RPC privileges in trac (right now, that is just bug gardeners). You still need to manually add the `has patch` keyword. This feature was added by Eric Andrew Lewis. Thanks Eric!

Full changelog:…0.4.0
Thanks to the following additional people for contributing to this release: Stephen Edgar and Michael Beil.  Further enhancements to make it easier to work with WordPress Trac are always welcome. Also, I would love a logo or wapuu for grunt-patch-wordpress, so if you have ideas, send them my way.