I decided to setup a Ask Me Anything repo on github, where people can ask me anything they want (go ahead, ask). The second question asked was about WordPress Jobs.  While the response was aimed at the asker, much of the advice is general.

Let’s step back for a second, what does it mean to be a WordPress Engineer? I personally don’t want to work with people that paint themselves into the corner of just knowing WordPress. I like T-shaped people. Have you worked on things other than WordPress? Your resume doesn’t list much else technical. Are you most comfortable in PHP, JavaScript, or something else? Have you done much (or any) systems/server work? Resumes are about helping you prepare the interviewer to ask you good questions.

When finding jobs (and deciding between jobs), The question I often asked is “How will this prepare me for the job I want after it?”. Make sure that the position is going to help you become qualified for a job you want that you aren’t qualified yet.

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