On a winter night in late 2011 I picked up a zipcar and drove to Best Buy to take the Android plunge, picking up the Galaxy Nexus. It was the first time I had a top of the line smartphone.  For the previous few weeks, I was using an old iPhone 3g a coworker had given me.  And for the last almost three years I’ve loved my Galaxy Nexus.  But my phone was showing it’s age.  For the last few weeks it’s been held together by duct tape (pink zebra stripe) and had started to random power cycle.  It was time for an upgrade.

Two things really sealed the decision to switch to the iPhone 6 for me.

  1. Size. All of the top of the line Androids are way too big. The iPhone 6 is virtually the same size as the Galaxy Nexus.
  2. TouchID.  After seeing multiple people use this (and rave about it), I really felt that it would make my use of a phone simpler.

The hardest part was porting over all my two factor authentication accounts.  The second hardest is now needing to find new apps for just about everything.  If you are a current iPhone user, what’s the one app you recommend I check out?