It wasn’t that long ago that I updated my site to a child of 2012. I got tired of the white with grey text that I was seeing everywhere. Sure, it was clean and simple and did a good job of showing my pictures and was generally easy to read (though not as easy to read on windows as I would have hoped for), so I decided to go a bit more colorful. Using Colour Lovers, I constructed a palate based on a picture I took at Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.

This is the sixth theme that I’ve used for my site. The first two were constructed from scratch, and I learned a lot from making them. My third theme was a thematic child theme and featured me taking the posts off the landing page for the first time. Theme four was a Twenty Ten child theme that I built for my presentation at WordCamp Portland in 2010. Theme five was a Twenty Twelve child theme that I launched just about six months ago.

I’m calling this version 5.1 because it really is a continuation of the code I started in 5.0. I have the same header (though I’ve simplified the menu and updated the colors) and the same footer. I also kept my fonts (though I’ve changed the weight and size).

I haven’t tested my site extensively for accessibility. I did do a keyboard nav check and also I included a fix for webkit browsers related to the skip nav links. All of my colors have a pretty large contrast (generally over 7:1 and if not, they are pretty large) and I used Twenty Twelve as my base which is pretty good (though not great) to begin with.

I’ve tested my site more for accessibility then for Internet Explorer.

What do you think?