The WordPress RPG

Someone wanting to create an absurdly large WordPress plugin inspired Mika and I to image that it might in fact be a WordPress RPG or MMORPG. Here is the plot we’ve come up with thus far.

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"My next plugin is 240megs. Is that a problem?" … O.Oipstenu (Mika E.)
@ipstenu Just image, You must rescue @nacin from the evil @helenhousandi who is destroying BBQ, and on the way meet @markjaquith, a wizard.Aaron Jorbin
If you’ve ever heard Helen laugh, you would know she would make a good villain (even if she is super nice and sweet in real life).
Mark is an Obvious choice for a wizard, just look at his long locks
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@aaronjorbin @nacin @helenhousandi @markjaquith And if they run into trouble, I’ll use @Otto42 – My Deus Ex Machina – to beerily save them.ipstenu (Mika E.)
@aaronjorbin @nacin @helenhousandi @markjaquith @Otto42 "Help the Elves defeat the forum Trolls" is a mini-quest.ipstenu (Mika E.)
@aaronjorbin Beware the Creative Commons: For only some extensions can be dual licensed. Fall not to the misty forests of commercial.ipstenu (Mika E.)
To learn more about these Misty Forests, check out this recent Make WordPress Plugins blog post:
WordPress › GPL and the Repository " Make WordPress PluginsGPL and the Repository All plugins hosted in the repository must be compatible with GPLv2 or later. That means all code tha…
@ipstenu But if you get stuck there, a quick dose of WP Candy should help power you on your way out.Aaron Jorbin
@ipstenu Upon winning and climbing to the top of Mount Mullenweg, your hero will look out over all of GPListan and see all is free and open.Aaron Jorbin
This is of course only one way for the RPG to go.  How would you take the WordPress RPG?  Some already have started thinking about it.
@andrea_r @aaronjorbin @ipstenu i dream of a collectable card game featuring WP developers. Special Skill: Multisite. +5 Debugging.David Bisset