The WordPress Community Summit is coming up on Monday October 29 and I’m lucky enough to be attending. This will be a great opportunity to see many people that I usually only interact with online and discuss

  1. I want to see speakers and organizers of WordPress events (both meetups, WordCamps, and other events) to come up with some community expectations of each other. Similar to the Open Conference Expectations put out by @rmurphey @divya and @paul_irish, I want to see the WordPress community develop some expectations. I’ve started on some draft expectations based on some of the great things and not so great things I’ve seen at the WordCamps I’ve attended. So far I’ve shared it with a few people and have gotten a generally positive response. I hope this can help get the discussion going.
  2. I want to see discussions on how to pay down some of WordPress’s technical debt. Every version of WordPress gets better and better. However along the way, some features have accumulated technical debt. Work on the this has been ongoing. the themes api was overhauled in 3.4 and media is receiving some love now. With so many great developers in one place at one time, the summit seems like a great opportunity to identify more areas to do this in the future.
  3. I want to see some cool collaborations started. At the WordCamp Philly last weekend Matt Mullenweg said that the biggest problem with plugins is that many have just one developer and don’t have enough collaboration. Post Forking is an example of plugin that looks to have a promising future because it has many developers working and contributing to it. I intend to collaborate with Kurt Payne on a Phantom JS tester for WordPress. Want to help us with it?

What do you hope to see happen at the summit? Anything fun you want to hack on?