At the foreign ministry media conference, the Syrian government acknowledged for the first time that it possessed stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and said it will only use them in case of a foreign attack and never internally against its own citizens.

"No chemical or biological weapons will ever be used, and I repeat, will never be used, during the crisis in Syria no matter what the developments inside Syria," spokesman Makdissi said.

"All of these types of weapons are in storage and under security and the direct supervision of the Syrian armed forces and will never be used unless Syria is exposed to external aggression."

via Syria rejects Arab League Assad exit proposal – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

The open acknowledgment of possessing chemical and biological weapons is big. The Syrian government has also referred to the rebels as being foreign supported on many occasions, so it might be just a matter of time before the government makes the step to using these weapons against it’s own people.