I love tools that enable me to develop better and faster. Vim has been my editor of choice for about two years and thus I consider the command line to be my IDE. Two recent additions to my flow have been autojump and autolint.


Drew Stephens turned me on to autojump. It learns the directories I go to and makes it simpler to go from one folder to another. It has learned that if I am typing vie, I am probably going to the views folder of a certain site that is about 9 levels off my home directory. It saves me keystrokes multiple times a day.


It’s really easy to write ugly code. autolint keeps me a bit more honest by providing growl notifications on save for any errors in formatting, style and syntax of JavaScript files. It can be a pain taking old files and putting them through this, but it is very beneficial for all new files.

Those are the two latest tool in my programming tool change. What are some of the ones you’ve found recently and loved?