Recently at ONADC I got in a discussion with Laura Cochran about the news sources that I read and she suggested that I do a blog post about “Things that Laura Cochran should read”. I’ve done a post aimed at one person before and figured I might as well continue that. So here are the primary sources of news that I read. This doesn’t include the multitude of Google+, Facebook, Hacker News, Yammer and Twitter links that I click on or the various podcasts (most are from public radio) that I listen to.

I have two subscriptions on my kindle that I read pretty consistently: The New Yorker
and The International Herald Tribune. I look at every story in the New Yorker and read probably around 50% of the non-reviews. I also read all the cartoons. For the IHT, I generally read that on the train and bus to work. I rarely make it all the way through, but do look at all the headlines.

For international non-breaking news, I often turn to Stratfor, UN News Centre, and The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. I also read the Turtle Bay blog for UN news.

For domestic political news, I primarily turn to Daily Kos for left leaning rants and Andrew Sullivan for more right leaning rants.

As a reminder of how important providing good customer service is, I read The Consumerist though not as regularly as I used to.

For sports news, Blazers Edge and South Side Sox. Both are homers, but they are also critical and have no job calling a spade a spade (or Kenny Williams an idiot in the case of South Side Sox).

Tech news primarily comes from social sources, but I’ll also look at Read Write Web and Giga Om a couple of times a week.

Local news is an area that I’ve had a recent addition. ARL Now has become one of my go to sites. I also like Greater Greater Washington. While it’s no longer local for me, I often read Beervana reminds me of all the great beers out there (and by there I mean Oregon).

My sources are somewhat fluid and I check out plenty of other sources when they are recommended to me. It was only a few weeks ago that I switch to IHT from the NY Times. I’m not sold on it yet and might switch papers again soon, mostly because I feel I find it too euro centric. I would love to find a paper that focused it’s coverage on the Africa, South America, and too a lesser degree, Central Asia, but I the kindle newspaper selection still isn’t the best.