I need help please you lazy bastardsToday the WordPress DC group met for a couple of hours of testing WordPress 3.1. Andrew Nacin, John P Bloch, Thad Allender, Ben Balter, Alex Byers, Anthony Braddy and I spent a couple of hours, finding, fixing WordPress. Nacin also demonstrated the development version of the Debug Bar which is going to be a great addition to the WordPress developers toolkit. I found one bug, patched it and Nacin even committed it before RC3 got out the door.

I hope that more people plan testing events. It’s super easy to get started testing. Just grab the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (choosing the “bleeding edge nightlies” option) or go grab . Use the Twitter hash tag #wptest to announce, promote, and be social while testing. Be a good open source citizen, and help test the software you use.