Wow. WordCamp NYC flew by. Despite all of the great conversations and informative speeches, I feel as though it just flew by. I put up a post featuring my slides on WordPress Documentation on Saturday and wanted to run through some highlights:

  • The lightning speeches were a great idea. It gave me more information the I could have possibly learned by giving each presenter a chance to sample what there presentation was on and why the audience should attend. I’d like to see more WordCamps copy this style.
  • John Ford gave a speech that I only caught the later half of on Security that seemed to go above and beyond the traditional WordPress Security speech.
  • Daryl Koopersmith presented on Advanced Javascript techniques. He demystified many parts of javascript and proved why he is such an important member of the WordPress development community
  • Microsoft generously sponsored a dinner for all of the speakers that was a great opportunity to get to better know some of the people that I chat with regularly online. Thanks Microsoft (I bet me saying that surprises a few people)
  • Volunteering at the genius bar was a lot of fun. It’s always exciting to help people solve there problems.
  • Matt Martz and I presented an unconference session on BackPress. I hope that our attendees enjoyed it and learned how BackPress can help them out and how to setup a project to use it.

Jane Wells, Steve Bruner, and all of the other volunteers put in a lot of effort and I’m incredibly happy with how everything turned out. It was great to hang out with Sheri Bigalow, John Ford, Shayne Sanderson, Matt Martz, Sara Cannon, Jane Wells, Andrew Nacin, Daryl Koopersmith, Boone Gorges, John James Jacoby, and many other smart talented folk. I’m looking forward to WordCamp NYC 2011!