With people out there claiming to be “One of the Three Most Important People in WordPress” that don’t contribute to core, answer support questions or speak at WordCamps, I thought I would give you my list of the Ten most important people in WordPress. Behold (in no particular order, other then the first one being the clear #1):

You, the user
Without the people who have downloaded WordPress 3.0 over 8 million times since it’s release, the software I love is nothing
Matt Mullenweg
Out esteemed Head of Bug Creation has been a driving force behind giving millions of people the right to publish their thoughts
Ryan Boren
If I ran SVN Blame against WordPress, odds are close to half the lines would have rboren attached to them and for good reason.
Mark Jaquith
Very possibly the best Freelance WordPress Consultant. Many core features such as Post Thumbnails and Canonical URLs are because of Mark.
Peter Westwood
Peter is world class developer who often leads the weekly developer chat and is on the forefront of educating and assisting developers
Jane Wells
Do you think WordPress is usable? The only thing you need to say is “Thanks Jane”.
Andrew Ozz
Do you use the Visual Editor? This is the man that makes sure that is usable in addition to patching plenty of other bugs
Andew Nacin
If he actually slept or did something besides code, there is a chance we never would have seen WordPress 3.0.
Dion Hulse
Do you enjoy installing or updating Plugins/Themes from inside WordPress? That’s just two of his great contributions
(TIE) The hundreds of people who file bug reports, patch said bugs, Help in the Support Forums and IRC channel, and Write Documentation
That’s right. The hundreds of people who test, patch, and help out are all important and responsible for bringing you great software

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